Just Because is a movement re-defining vintage for the modern day woman, empowering her to feel confident and effortlessly embrace her femininity. The Philippine-based label was conceived with a desire to create timeless pieces, in doing so each piece has been inspired by the past and re-constructed for the now. Just Because exudes a sense of irreplaceability and understated elegance, with each garment designed to hold a permanent presence in your wardrobe.
We have adopted the ‘less is more’ philosophy. This idea has been embedded within our brand since its conception. Our pieces embody a timeless essence with the objective to hold a place in your wardrobe, and hearts, always.
Good things take time, so this will be an ongoing journey over the coming few years. As a starting point, we have partnered with suppliers who share the same ethos as we do, to manufacture responsibly and ethically. We will continue to make improvements within our business and encourage you, to take part in this journey with us.
Here at Just Because, we honor the principles of slow fashion. We strive to deliver conscious collections, with only a limited number of units being ordered per style. We will only reproduce items that are guaranteed a full sell-through or are part of our Core Collection, which is our permanent collection at Just Because. These limited quantities make each Just Because piece utterly unique; knowing that you have acquired an item that very few others own is something we believe to be truly special. With a focus on natural fabrications, premium quality and mindful manufacturing, our aim is to create thoughtful pieces that are crafted to last.